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Influence Behaviour

We create order out of chaos. Using your data to understand, engage and protect.

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Understand your data and its value

Connected devices provide a data footprint that can be used to understand more about your business, engage with the people that matter, protect and understand your infrastructure.

SmartGate provides outcomes by delivering meaningful insights into your data and empowering your decision making via powerful AI and machine learning.

A blended suite of technologies that deliver outcomes by turning your data into something actionable.

Omni-Data Intelligence to drive venue performance

With precise, real time visitor and venue analytics’ reports you’ll gain insight into your customers’ behaviour. And with this level of understanding you’ll be able to make more informed – and bankable – business decisions. It’s a whole new standard in venue performance reporting.

By delving into the detail our powerful suite of analytical tools enables you to gain new insights and a fresh perspective on the success of your engagement and the use of your venue.

Gain an unparalleled view into your venue and customers to influence and enhance their journey. Correlate online and offline behaviour to make insightful decisions with measurable results.

laptop it analytics

Make sense of the data from sources such as WiFi, CCTV and footfall counters to provide insight into your customers behaviour and how your social media activity, marketing and even weather effect your footfall.

  • Location based analytics to track visitor journeys, visitor count, and more.

  • Use data from guest WiFi, people counters, cameras, and other technology to get accurate visitor metrics.

  • Find out which marketing campaigns, layout changes, and tenant mixes drive return visits.

  • Create zones around pop-up stores, entry/exit points, departments or other spaces you want to track.

regulate with monitor

Take control of your data

Data is power. Know exactly what’s connected to the network, in real time, all the time. Know what’s vulnerable and why. Everything in its right place. Your hyper-connected enterprise shouldn’t breed chaos. You have the power to enforce regulation, on your terms.

Close the loop with security automation and implementation, all in one place. It’s simple when you take control.

A passive and agentless solution that maps a networks genome, detects exposed vulnerabilities and implements policies based on an assigned risk score. All in real-time, all-the-time, delivered in an elegantly simple UI.

  • Identify and classify your network genome. Machine learning that continuously inspects and baselines the behaviour of every device in your environment.

  • Monitor and analyse device communication in real-time. Group systems by type, location, function, application and learn correct behaviours and conversation maps.

  • Closed loop security, sophisticated AI to automatically generate and deploy policies to secure each class of device.

  • Detailed utilisation information across the entire enterprise, device usage, usage type, hours of operation, and under-utilisation.

Create enhanced, immersive event experiences

Turn your data into powerful marketing awareness. Send relevant messages to your visitors irrespective of your venue or space – even in environments that have no Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.

The right content, at the right time, into the right customers’ hands to enhance the visitor journey and increase brand awareness.

Influencing behavour both while within and after they leave your venue to drive better conversation rates.

Understand your visitors and build powerful marketing campaigns all from a single platform.

  • Automatically engage with visitors based on their physical location and dwell. Reward loyalty and engage in real-time.

  • Understand visitors behaviour and demographics to create segments based on age, gender, post code, visit behaviour, and more.

  • Reach visitors via email, SMS, WiFi, in-app notifications, and social media.

  • Trigger campaigns in 3rd-party platforms using our API integration.

No Connectivity, No Problem

SmartGate can deliver user engagement even in environments that don’t have any WiFi or cellular connectivity, such as stadiums or festivals. All delivered by a new standard in data transmission called data-over-audio, or DoA, which we call Smart-Tone.

Secure, scalable and simple to use, Smart-Tone connects you to your audience without having to rely on traditional connectivity methods – or extra hardware. While cellular and Wi-Fi networks can quickly become congested by large crowds or simply too cost prohibtive to deploy at scale or in temporary locations, Smart-Tone enables you to enhance your customers’ experience and influence them at the critical points in their purchasing journey using nothing more than sound.

Not bound by the technical or commercial constraints of traditional technology Smart-Tone enables you to engage with any size audience via your speaker system.

Sound is ubiquitous – imagine the possibilities

it company
  • Inaudible ultrasonic protocol that sends data over audio

  • Works with your existing PA speaker system, no costly hardware or installation required

  • Deliver content, information and experiences based on where individuals or groups of customers are in your venue. Influence intent and awareness in the places & spaces that matter the most.

  • Leverage digital signage to make every visitors experience unforgettable

One size does not fit all

Bespoke solutions across these verticals get in touch to find out how SmartGate can deliver the art of the possible.

Stadia & large venues

Festivals & events

Retail & hospitality

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Theme parks & tourism

Network DNA

Use your data to drive intelligent decisions

Engage with visitors and encourage transactions using a simple combination of sound, software and existing hardware.
Understand the behaviour of connected devices to protect and influence.
venue analysis
Understand and control. Actionable AI for the hyper-connected enterprise
Send the right message at the right time to your customers.

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